Casey Chen

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Mr Chen is General Manager of “Noble Industrials Pte Ltd”. The company is registered in Singapore and provides professional service on overseas project management on strategic planning and business development of bauxite mining, Port facilities, cargo storage & loading ,sea-barging fleet at anchorage and ocean transportation through the ship chartering with Chinese domestic customers.


Mr Chen has vast management experiences in reputable marine shipyards, marine towage fleet technical operations, join-venture business and the company set-up,  sea-barge fleet operations and strategic procurement in marine assets.


Mr Chen was graduated from “Harbin Shipbuilding Engineering Institute” (P. R China) in 1988 and is holding the Bachelor Degree of Marine Engineering. He obtained the Master of Business Administration from the University of Strathclyde ( Scotland, UK) in 2010. Mr Chen is also the Professional Engineer registered under Institute of Marine Engineering, Science & Technology of the Engineering Council of UK. He is an active participator in bauxite industry.

2019年5月26日 17:01
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