Beyler Metal Madencilk AS

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Beyler Metal Madencilk AS is Turkey's leading bauxite producer with reserves exceeding 40 million tons. Partners with plus 30 years od experience in mining industry allowed our company to quickly become the leading bauxite producer in Turkey and our production of different chemical qualities allowed us to serve a very wide range of customers worldwide. Currently, we are in the process of launching new locations in our concession for production. Mugla-Milas region is particularly one of the most ideal place in Turkey for mining as it pleasant weather conditions allow 12 month production. The state if the art designed Port of Gulluk conveniently located 20 kilometers from our concession combined with superior quality Beyler bauxite allows customers an instant piece of mind and a chance to work with the most reliable partner in Turkey.

2019年5月14日 15:32
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