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Paul Adkins is founder and Managing Director of AZ China Ltd, a leading China-based consultancy on China’s primary aluminium industry.


AZ China provides strategic consulting to those corporations who seek to understand, deal with, and succeed in the China primary aluminium and raw materials markets.   AZ China publishes multi-client reports on a weekly and monthly basis, and publishes the AZ China Semester Pricing Handbook each quarter.   We conduct competitive analyses, gather market intelligence, perform pre-feasibility studies and other high level consulting.


Our clients include most of the major aluminium companies, raw materials suppliers, investment banks and funds, trading companies, and commodity analysts.


Our newsletter, the AZ China Almost Daily, is rapidly becoming a most important tool for gaining inside knowledge on what is happening in China. In September 2019, AZ China will hold a conference in Kunming, China.   We also put on field trips to aluminium companies inside China.


Paul has more than 30 years’ experience, including almost 14 years with Alcoa, 5 years with the former Alcan (now part of Rio Tinto) and 4 years with Tomago Aluminium in Australia.   Paul holds an MBA from Newcastle University GSM. 


Paul is well known as a controversial and talented speaker at international aluminium conferences, and has been a regular guest on the global Reuters Base Metals Forum.




1970-1983  Alcoa Australia

1984-1989  Compaq Australia

1990-1993  Alcan Australia

1993-1997  Merisel Australia

1997-2001  Kirby Refrigeration

2001-2005  Tomago Australia

2005-2006  Alcan Beijing

2007-            AZ China


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