Russell Williams

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I trained as a Mechanical Engineer at the University of Manchester, then worked in manufacturing and then marine engineering in the Royal Navy before moving to Australia.

I spent six years working for the WA Electricity Commission at Muja Power Station then joined Alcoa in 1979, initially in power generation and maintenance.

In an executive capacity I have a thirty-year career with Alcoa where I was involved in management in alumina refineries, then moved to bauxite mining operations then international development of bauxite mining with extensive experience in projects in Guinea, Brazil, Jamaica and others. As Vice President Mining, I was a member of the Suralco Policy Board and on the project side I was responsible for the transition of the original small bauxite resource at Juruti in Brazil to approval for the 700 million ton mine that is now in operation. I also had numerous visits to China, examining joint venture opportunities with Chinese bauxite and alumina companies. I am currently a Project Consultant with CSA Global where I am providing expertise relating to bauxite asset development in Guinea and mineral deposits in Africa.

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