2nd China Bauxite Conference 2019

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    2nd China Bauxite Conference 2019

    22 October | Shanghai, China


    Supporter: International Aluminium Institute



     Global Bauxite Supply

     China Bauxite Demand and Policies

     Technologies for Bauxite Residue and Tailings


    0830-0930 Sign-in

    0930-1010 The 21st Century Aluminium Revolution - to be continued

    Mr. Ron Knapp, Secretary General, International Aluminium Institute

    1010-1050 Global Resources and Game Changers

    Mr. Russel Williams, Mining Consultant, Williams Mining Consulting

    1050-1130 China Bauxite and Alumina Market under the Strict Environmental Policies

    1130-1200 Technologies for Bauxite Residue and Tailings

    1200-1330 lunch buffet

    1330-1400 Guinea Bauxite and Policies

    Mr. Mamady Fofana, General Manager, Societe Guinenne Du Patrimoin Minier

    1400-1530 overseas bauxite briefings - Australia, Ghana, Turkey, Sierra Leon, Suriname, etc.

    1530-1550 coffee break

    1550-1700 panel discussion

    1800-2000 round-table dinner

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